6 Steps to develop new decoration ribbon and rope products

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Nowadays, market competition is very fierce, and most of the business models are based on what customers need and what we offer, leading to price wars. Therefore, it is more and more necessary for us to differentiate competition and make differentiated high-quality products to return to the market. Developing new products is always an important topic. Today we will talk about how to develop a new ribbon or rope product.

  1. How to get a new product idea?

Ribbons and ropes are mainly used for decoration no matter in gift wrap, packing field or in the DIY, garment filed. Just change the pattern, logo, printing effect, knitting,design and materials, the ribbons and ropes can be totally a new one.

We can get a good idea in our daily life, or surf the internet from our competitors and customers.  There are 2 ways to create a new product.

Type1: Establish new brand product which is never exsited on the market.

Type2: Make improvements against an existed item for more eye-attracting or convinient.

  • Prepare a phototype or design before you send an inquiry to your Chinese supplier.

This step is the key to show your potential supplier how serious you are into this new product business.

You could be a good talker and telling the supplier that you are going to order 100,000 pcs of it. Then you take a paper to draw a product draft from your mind. However, China Suppliers had met countless customers showing their idea this way; they will not trust and not willing for help, or just quote the wrong price to keep you away.

At least have a PDF design, The finish PDF drawing will also enhance your confidence when discussing the project with a factory, as you had been through many details to clear for what you need from them. And in such depth discussion, China factory is happy to share their experience to help to improve your ideas from manufacturing prospects.

3.  Find a suitable supplier to manufacture your product.

Final direct fctory is your best choice for this process, because a facory is focus on speed sample and no any middle man so that you can express your requirement directly and describe your ideas much better to the manufacturer.

So waht is the most important aspects for a fit supplier?

Price: Of course price is important, but don’t buy because of the lowest offer. What you most need now from the supplier is their patience and experience, and also need to balance the quality and price. So a fair amount is better at this moment, rather than pursuing the lowest price.

Sample Quality: The sample quality usually will determine mass production quality. Lots of suppliers will find an excuse that the sample is terrible because it is the sample, and they will do good in mass production, blah-blah-blah. Don’t trust them. Do not place your order until you are happy with the sample.

Good Communication: A good supplier should focus on understanding your needs and willing to provide help to improve, instead of just trying to push you for the order. Choose those suppliers who are writing good English, replying to you in time, chatting online and video chatting to take a quick tour of their company, etc. Most of all, find someone with patience, as you are working on a new project, changes could be frequent.

4. Customize a sample before starting the massive production

After checking your cost carefully and confidence on the product will make a margin from the market, then you can start the pre-production sample process, which is vital that to follow it as inspection Sample and a critical reference of quality/outlook/function. Also, you can start selling to some distribution customers months earlier than the mass cargo arrived in port.

Some essential features in this step are listed below for assisting your work:

A. Decide the Material and Production Process of the product.

B. Try to manage more quantity of pre-production samples, and with more style, they are an excellent resource for you to start selling and testing the quality.

C.Make improvements against the Pre-production sample.

5.Start Marketing your product with Pre-production Sample

No doubt that marketing is another key to decide your new product will succeed or not, especially we are in a world now full of product supplies.

Several suggestions from our experience are as below:

A. Have a good story about your product.

B.  Start the marketing at the timing of receiving the Pre-production sample.

C. Spread out your marketing information as many channels as you can within your budget.

6.Start Massive Production

Thanks to your hard work, you finally come to the time for production. Here is the starting line of your new product business to run and make you money.

During the production, you will need to keep monitoring the quality and delivery schedule, and also need to start contacting the freight forwarder for shipping arrangements.

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