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Golden Box With Golden Ribbon

Now that the festive season is nearing, ribbons have become the talk of the town! Once upon a time, ribbons were only affordable to the elite class, but now it’s an accessory that people use for decoration and packing gorgeous gifts.

What Are Ribbons?

Ribbons are beneficial and decorative fabrics available in different varieties, colors, and textures. Velvet, satin, and synthetic fabrics like nylon and rayon are all used to produce high-quality ribbons. They are patterned, printed, woven, braided, embroidered, decorated with pearls, or sequin-adorned, created to resemble ric-rac. It is expertly constructed to resemble lace, edged with metal so they can be bent and shaped, and made to resemble theme ribbons.

According to the textile industry, ribbons have a width ranging from 1/8 inch to 1 foot (0.32 cm to 30 cm). Although ribbons are typically used for ornamental purposes, they can create more extensive fabrics by weaving, crocheting, or knitting them together.

Why are Ribbons Important?

Great Ribbon manufactures and supplies good-quality ribbons for decoration, gift, and product wrapping purposes. Ribbons are also used on shoes, boxes, accessories, clothing, and DIY. If you have an event like birthdays, baby announcements, weddings, parties, etc., you can make it more fun by getting custom-printed ribbons. These custom-printed ribbons can be put on cards or giveaway boxes to make your event more memorable.

Did you know there’s a famous saying that ribbons tend to bring good fortune? This is why we use it for almost every celebration, like tying a Christmas ornament, wrapping a birthday gift, hanging onto gold medals, etc. Also, they are wrapped around a wedding cake and used to make congratulatory bouquets with ribbon flowers.

Ribbon embellishments add a touch of grace and beauty to our garments, gifts, and home decor. Ribbons are used frequently for making sashes, wreaths, garlands, bows, chair ties, wrapping presents, doing ribbon embroidery, and making fabric trims. They are also used extensively in home decor crafts and to decorate pillows and quilts. This is due to their low cost and availability in various colors and designs. They create lovely ribbon flowers that are used as centerpieces and in bouquets. The corsages and boutonnieres are made with thin ribbons known as trim ribbons. Ribbons adorning gift baskets brighten the room with their presence.

Types of Ribbons

Here is a list of ribbons available in multiple fabrics and types.

1. Satin Ribbons

These are made of polyester or nylon and are considered as flexible ribbons. It is a fine alternative to silk ribbons and is cheaper too. They are used as hair accessories and for gift-wrapping purposes. You can customize it for printing logos too, as the text appears to be the crispiest.

2. Elastic Ribbon

The elastic ribbon is appropriate for waistbands and cuffs on clothing. Underwear, swimwear, jeans, legging belts, sports bras, and skirts all could use custom elastic ribbons. It can also tie items like hats, sweaters, bikinis, masks, and shorts. It is manufactured with polyester, cotton, yarn, nylon, spandex, latex-free, etc.

3. Velvet Ribbon

Chenille and velvet fabrics are used to create the velvet ribbon.  It has a plushy, velvety texture and is warm to the touch. And if worn with winter clothing, it will be highly comfortable. It’s perfect for clothing, hats, shoes, etc.

4. Silk Ribbon

It’s a type of finely crafted ribbon created by hand. The fabric is soft and slippery, and it feels beautiful to touch. It can be used for decoration, gift box packing, marketing, women’s headbands, clothes, etc.

5. Cotton Ribbon

The cotton ribbon is ideally used for DIY projects, bedding, clothing, and outerwear, etc. It is utilized in various products, including bags, cloth toys, undergarments, home textiles, hoodies, and automotive interiors.

6. Metallic-looking (Gold/silver)  Ribbons

It comes in two finishes: open weave mesh and closed weave smooth lame. Some are made with golden threads and some mixed with other fibers.

7. Burlap Ribbon

Jute is used to make burlap ribbon, which is mostly used for wrapping gifts. It is sturdy, washable, and used to enhance floral arrangements, wrap around candles, Christmas gifts, weddings, gift box packing, etc. It is perfect for flower packaging or house décor.

8. Grosgrain Ribbon

These ribbons have a ribbon effect and are used as greeting cards, scrapbooking gift wrapping, and paper invitation accents. They are made of woven blends and polyester and have a textured finish perfect for flower bouquet wrapping.

9. Lace Ribbon

Ribbons made of lace include knitted lace edging, ruffled ribbons, and crocheted or beaded trim. It complements the girl’s suspenders, the dress’ hem, etc. Additionally, they are perfect for headbands, gowns, cushions, and tuxedos.

10. Organza Ribbon

Organza ribbons are versatile as these transparent and translucent tapes can be used for clothing, gift wrapping, souvenirs, etc. You can also customize it by printing logos for your business.

11. Glitter Ribbons

If you’re looking for something metallic and shiny, glitter ribbons can be your only perfect choice.  It’s ideal for festivities and celebrations such as weddings, Christmas parties, or birthday celebrations.

12. Jacquard Ribbon

This ribbon is a textile accessory for clothing. It is vital, pleasant to the touch, and has a delicate pattern. It exhibits excellent color fastness. Also, it’s perfect for accessories for gifts, apparel, hats, belts, shoulder straps, shoes, etc.

13. Picot Ribbon

These ribbons suits perfectly well on necklines, sweater tops, cuffs, and women’s skirts. They are often used in jewelry and lace too. It can be seen in kids’ clothing as well.

14. Tulle Ribbon

Transparent tulle ribbons have an excellent texture. They look great on veils, skirts, and headwear for women.

15. Twill Ribbon

Twill ribbon is perfect for DIY décor projects like package wrapping, hemming collars on clothing, and sewing accessories. Additionally, it is ideal for sports apparel, handicrafts, pet belts, luggage, and shoes.

16. Gingham Ribbon

Tartan ribbons are known as gingham ribbons with a checkered pattern on the surface. It is manufactured with materials like polyester, cotton, and linen, etc. It is soft, light in weight, and washable. You can creatively use it to create a retro look.

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