How to choose a reliable ribbon supplier in China?

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What is the fundamental factor of a successful business? Quality products and reliable suppliers.

It sounds very easy to find Chinese suppliers, Such as sourcing or trading platforms like Alibaba. Visiting trade shows or trading market in China. However it is hard to identify if the supplier is reliable, because of the language barriers and big cultural difference. You also do not know whether it is a direct factory or a middle company.

Here is a factory providing you the direct price with expert service because we are on the ribbon and rope market for 15 years. Smooth communication, free samples, SGS and Oeko-tex 100 certificates, careful online production, quality check, and safety shipping.

I’m Liana, the marketing director of We do not only sell you a product, but also offer you a solution and grow together to get more market value with experienced industrial knowledge.

You could know nothing about manufacturing or international trading, Just tell us what product you want. So what is our cost, what is the process to work with us, just send us an inquiry about the product you need and how you want to customize.

If you are new to the market, small trial order is accepted to accompany you growing bigger, and if you have your own supplier already, you can add us as one more choice to help your business better. Welcome to reach us by email, cell phone, and pay a field visit at any time!


Hi, I'm Liana, the founder of great ribbon, I've been in the field of ribbon products for over 10 years now, and the purpose of this website is to share with you the knowledgebase and business chances related to ribbons, ropes, ribbon bows and flowers for packages and garment accessories. Nice to meet you here and thanks in advance!

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