How we work efficiently and effectively?

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Today I want to talk about the topic of “how we work efficiently and effectively?”

  1. A well-trained salesperson is the main factor in escorting customers’ orders. Our sales team is well-trained and able to communicate well with customers. Respond to customers as soon as possible, understand their needs, and help customers solve problems. Good communication is a very important prerequisite for the smooth progress of the formal order.
  2. We have a clear division of labor, each department does its own thing. For example, when we arrange an order, we will confirm the raw materials and other materials required by the order with the warehouse and purchasers at the first time, and then dispatch the order to the workshop. The workshop supervisor arranges production in turn according to the production process of the order, and each department connects in time. , To ensure that each order is completed in the shortest time with quality and quantity.
  3. Our superior leaders give us the strongest support for our front-line business, such as developing new products, helping customers with free proofing, and purchasing machines to improve the efficiency of customers’ orders. The support given by the leadership of a company is a key factor in helping customers.
  4. Hardware facilities, including our 5000 square meters workshop, 200 workers, more than 800 machines, and 100 production lines. These hardware facilities ensure our production capacity, shorten the delivery period as much as possible, save time for customer orders, and guarantee quality.
  5. We are in the market of ribbon and rope for 15 years, we are honored to serve several sports brands, chain supermarkets, and so on. We prefer OEM and ODM for our customers, just tell us what works best for you and we’ll make it happen, simple like this.

We look forward to communicating and cooperating with you, we believe we can give you a different experience.

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