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6 Steps to develop new decoration ribbon and rope products

Nowadays, market competition is very fierce, and most of the business models are based on what customers need and what we offer, leading to price wars. Therefore, it is more and more necessary for us to differentiate competition and make differentiated high-quality products to return to the market. Developing new products is always an important topic. Today we will talk about how to develop a new ribbon or rope product.

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ribbon workshop
Product Tutorial

10 steps to produce a ribbon

1.Purchase new materials
2.Yarn pulling
3.Ribbon weave
4.Ribbon ironing
5.Packing into rolls
6.Make clips to ribbons
7.Hot cut for a ribbon
8.Online quality checking
9.Making ribbon bows
10.Finished products quality checking

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jacquard ribbon
Product Tutorial

Webbing wear art

The webbing takes up a large proportion in women’s clothing design, combined with the popular elements nowadays, the visual effects displayed by the webbing design such as contrast, piping, and division are all different, so it is deeply loved by designers.

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The Pastel Color Ribbon And Bows
Product Tutorial

How to identify different ribbon materials?

How to distinguish the materials between different kinds of ribbons, it is a headache when purchasing ribbons and is often at a loss when faced with this problem, and usually, we do not know related knowledge, here a brief introduction to the method of discrimination, we hope to help you, especially for your clothing accessories procurement.

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