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2.2cm gold wrapping bow ribbon gift ribbon

Additional information


Plain woven


Can be customized


100% polyester





2.2cm gold rim ribbon gift DIY wrapping ribbon bow ribbon gift ribbon supplied in gift package, decoration and craft DIY.

The colors can be customized.


2.2cm gold wrapping bow ribbon gift ribbon


Sku 01 金边 古白 Removebg Preview 副本Sku 02 金边 墨绿 Removebg PreviewSku 03 金边 藏青 Removebg Preview

Sku 04 金边 墨黑 Removebg PreviewSku 05 金边 灯笼红 1 Removebg PreviewSku 06 金边 紫红 Removebg Preview

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主图 05 (1)

All the webbings can be customized in size, pattern, color, and knitting, we will recommend more proper items for your local market. Call us or email us for a detailed discussion.

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