2.5cm polyester lattice diy apparel accessories ribbon

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2.5cm polyester lattice belt supplied in gift package, decoration and craft DIY.

The colors can be customized.

2.5cm polyester lattice diy apparel accessories ribbon


主图 01 Removebg Preview 副本主图 02 Removebg Preview详情 07 副本

详情 06 副本Sku 01 酒红 018Sku 02 红色 002

Sku 03 桔色 004Sku 04 金黄 005Sku 05 黄色 022

Sku 06 浅桔 016Sku 07 浅粉 001Sku 08 粉红 015

Sku 09 桃红 003Sku 10 灰紫 013Sku 11 浅紫 020

Sku 12 紫色 014Sku 13 浅蓝 021Sku 14 灰蓝 008

Sku 15 亮蓝 007Sku 16 蓝色 023Sku 17 宝蓝 009

Sku 18 深蓝 010Sku 19 果绿 006Sku 20 浅绿 017

Sku 21 墨绿 024Sku 22 浅灰 025Sku 23 浅棕 019

Sku 24 深棕 011Sku 25 黑色 012

All the webbings can be customized in size, pattern, color, and knitting, we will recommend more proper items for your local market. Call us or email us for a detailed discussion.

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