The difference between a round mask cord and a flat mask earloop:

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Mask Cord Production

Usually we can get the difference between a round mask cord and a flat mask earloop from following 6 aspects:


The round face mask rope is mainly woven with a needle-through rope machine, mainly 6 needles, the daily output is about 3-5 tons, we have a total of 500 needle-through machines do round face mask rope. The surface will be smooth and soft, with a tensile ratio of about 1:28.

Flat belt mask rope is mainly sub-knitting and woven, one is made with a wide needle machine, one is woven with a ribbon machine woven. The needle machine makes the surface is relatively smooth, the ribbon machine to do the surface will be somewhat fuzzy, the two stretch ratio can reach 1:30 or so.


Round and flat belt ear rope can be used polyester + spandex, nylon + spandex material to weave, polyester + spandex material stretch and rebound are relatively weak, nylon + spandex material stretch and rebound is better. Nylon + spandex material to make the finished product softer.

We use the well-known brand of nylon and Neuschter Spandex, made mask rope in line with SGS requirements and standards, a total daily output of about 7-8 tons.

Thickness and width

The diameter of round ear rope is 2.5 mm-3 mm, 3 mm is the common specification and size, the width of flat ear rope is 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 3.5 mm and 5 mm is the common specification and size.

Round respirator cord:

2.5 mm is about 900 m/Kg

3 mm is about 800 m/Kg

Flat respirator cord:

3 mm is about 700 m/Kg

4mm is about 600m/Kg

5 mm is about 500 m/kg

Degree of comfort

The comfort of round ear rope is similar to that of flat ear rope, but the cost of flat ear rope is higher. The cost of Polyester + Spandex is lower than that of Nylon + spandex, but the comfort of Nylon + spandex is higher.

Suitable for Mask Type

The round face mask rope is usually used for disposable general face mask and disposable medical face mask, some children face mask is used round colored ear rope.

The flat cover cord is usually used for KN95 masks, and some children’s masks are made of 3mm flat ear cord.


The round face mask is packed in strip and swing, the strip is packed in plastic bags, and then packed in cartons one by one. The weight of each bag is about 1.2-1.5 kg, the weight of each box is about 16-17 kg Swing pack refers to the mask rope in a plastic bag inside, and then use a swing machine layer by layer swept into the carton inside, each box is about 11-12 kg.

All in all, round and flat face masks are two common types of face masks currently on the market. We can choose according to the type we apply.

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