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jacquard ribbon

By:Liana Long

The webbing takes up a large proportion in women’s clothing design, combined with the popular elements nowadays, the visual effects displayed by the webbing design such as contrast, piping, and division are all different, so it is deeply loved by designers.


①The webbing is decorated on the sideline of the clothing, and the line-like splicing method makes the decoration of the webbing more unique.


The webbing made of different techniques and other different inlay techniques bring different decorative meanings, allowing fashion and sports to be combined.


②The practical webbing of different colors has an adjustable function. The decorative webbing can break the monotony of clothing, enhance the richness of design points, and bring a more casual and romantic single product design.


Functional webbing has a significant contrast effect in feminine styles or fabrics.


③The richness of modern clothing is far beyond the times. It is not an exquisite cutting method, nor a complicated splicing level, but a decorative webbing at the appropriate splicing position or the lower corner position as the finishing touch.


The subtle and exquisite decoration techniques make the style changes more refined.


The splicing of different color combinations and the splicing methods of different sizes bring structural changes. The color splicing of different brightness makes the clothing level clear.




Webbings of different materials, colors and patterns modify the structure and edges of the clothing, as well as the contrast between fabrics and webbing materials, which increase the sense of structure and silhouette of the clothing and bring a strong visual impact.


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